Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 14 - Quite the Eventful Week!

Hey Everyone! 

This was quite the eventful week!

So Thursday was President and Sister Baker's last day here in LA in the C.L.A.M.. :( It was so sad to see them go. But then Friday morning our Zone got together and met President and Sister Weidman! They are INCREDIBLE! I love them already! I know that they are called and supposed to be here serving right now. I am so blessed to be under their stewardship. I am excited to get to know them more as time goes on. I actually saw Sister Weidman today and she is just adorable! She came up and gave me a hug and was just like "oh you are so pretty" She is the sweetest and cutest little thing! 

As long as I don't get transferred I will have at least one more baptism in July! Sweet girl who is 11 now has consent from her father to be baptized so we are now giving her the lessons and her mom is a member and is so excited for her as well. We had another lesson with her this morning and she is so smart and just understands it and has the sweetest yet strongest testimony of the truth of this Gospel. 

Transfers are next week and I am hoping that Sister Nordhagen and I don't split up yet. We are getting SO much done in Culver City and the work is progressing rapidly! We have always taught good together but now its even better. We've really been focusing on our unity and there have been so many blessings that have come from it! 

We took a Spanish tour on Friday and a a couple really cool things happened. The first being that we taught so in sync and we have been working on our translations so that it all just flows together that the spirit was just so strong and the families desire to be sealed in the temple was greatly increased! The second thing being that one of the family's elders, Elder Patterson, looked super familiar, and at the end he was like okay sister we know each other from somewhere and I was like I know! It turns out we were in the same EFY group like 5 years ago! He mostly remembers me because that's the year I hula danced at EFY and was always practicing. It was way fun to see a familiar face. And it was even cooler because they are in the Arcadia mission and just here for the Visitors Center tour. 

Did I ever tell y'all about the story of the fish? I dont think so. So a few weeks ago a member asked if we could feed their fish while they were out of town and we were already going to be watering their plants so we were like sure. Well then it was a couple days before they were leaving and they asked when were were going to pick up Obama. Yes the fish's name is Obama. Well we can't have pets so we were all stressed about what to do so EVERY prayer for the next couple days involved this fish. (the most blessed fish EVER) Well they ended up getting a self feeder for it so we didn't have to worry about it. But yes that's the time we stressed over Obama, the fish. 

This Gospel is true! Miracles happen and our Heavenly Father loves all of us!

Love you all!


Sister Petersen

Sister Jordyn Kealoha Lani Petersen 
California Los Angeles Mission
1591 E. Temple Way
Los Angeles, CA 90024-5801

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