Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 17 - Such a great week! We finally got our area completely divided!

Such a great week! We finally got our area completely divided! 

The area is hard because its all really higher class. Don't get me wrong there is plenty to be done and its really good! Its just harder to get in certain areas. There are so many less-active members in our area like 300... but that's why I'm here! to help invite and remind them of the love they once felt! :) I'm really excited about this transfer and know that it is going to be great!

So we have a really great and super fun zone! our theme this month is "Westwood's goin swimmin!". Where we have a drawn pool and get stick people for our investigators and add swim suits, floaties, goggles, fins, etc for each progressing step they make until they get in the pool (baptism). Every week our two districts in the zone have a certain task we focus on and we each get a water balloon for each point we get. My district dominates and so every week after district meeting we go outside and each district lines up across from each other and we have a water balloon fight! So much fun! And we get more balloons than them so I stay dry :) 

Every Wednesday night our ward has a Ward BBQ! It is perfect for inviting investigators and getting members involved in the work as well as a great way to introduce friends and family to the gospel! This week we had two investigators that came. It was funny because we were meeting one for a lesson before hand at the Visitors Center but she was stuck in traffic so we were waiting in a room with our member and then our other investigator and member walked in just stopping by but then we started having a discussion and lesson and then out other investigator walked in and joined is so it was super funny because none of them new each other and it was super random but it worked out really well and then gave them all fellow-shipping opportunities! Then we were all able to go and enjoy the BBQ all together! :) 

We did ALOT of tracting this week.... enough said. 

So I've been reading a lot in Alma and it has really been incredible how it is relating to the work right now. Can I just say that Alma the Younger and Amulek are straight bosses! Like i know that is a complete understatement but seriously! They knew their purpose and despite the sheer torture they went through, they stood firm in their faith. By doing so they were saved and the wicked were destroyed. They never gave up even though the people told them to leave and they eventually were able to save other cities. Ammon and the Sons of Mosiah are a whole other group of inspiration! They are so strong and firm in everything they did. I love that though the Lamanites just wanted to kill them they continued to see them as their brethren that needed to know love and truth. I see this today in the work we are doing. Some of the people here in LA and all over the world are crazy or good and just don't know and they are our "Lamanites" today. They may not always like us or except us but as we continue with a steadfastness in faith and see them as our brothers and sisters that need this just as much as we do, it makes it easier. 

Also, Elder Shakespear, the directer here at the Visitors Center is incredible! He knows just about everything. He says I ask the hardest questions, which I do, but he takes it and helps me learn so much! Yesterday he explained more to me about the priesthood. I am so blessed to have the priesthood in my life. To have my dad and brother as priesthood holders means more to me than words can describe. The power of God to heal, comfort, and bless. I've experience and seen miracles by this Priesthood authority and if people knew about this I know it would soften so many hearts! So priesthood holders, don't hide it, look for opportunities to bless and help those in need around you. 

We also got permission from president to use a courtyard at the stake center behind us to work out during the week. We run everyday in the parking lot or around the blocks close by on the hills but Wednesdays we do insanity and Fridays we do kickboxing in the courtyard! So good!  :)

Hey! I have unlimited email time now so I will actually be able to respond to emails now! I only have one hour while in the vc but before or after my VC time on pdays i can email now too :) 

This work is incredible and I love it! Everything I teach out here and live by is true! It changes lives, including mine! 

I Love you all!


Sister Jordyn Petersen

Sister Jordyn Kealoha Lani Petersen 
California Los Angeles Mission
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