Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 13 - "BEST WEEK EVER!"


FIRST and foremost:

 I had my FIRST BAPTISM! It finally happened! Amanda was baptized yesterday June 23rd, 2013!!!! It was the most incredible thing! To be able to be apart of that change in her life and to see how much she has grown is just incredible. I look up to her so much. Amanda really is such a special woman and with a testimony that strikes your heart. It has been an honor and a blessing to be able to share with her this truth and light. We had wonderful talks and we had so many people from our ward show up to support her! There were probably over 50 people there! THAT is the kind of ward support I am talking about! That's how every ward should be. Sister Nordhagen and I shared a great missionary moment as well. It was so inspired and even I felt uplifted by it afterwards. 

Okay ya'll, you will never guess what I did at the baptism... I faced my fear and Sister Nordhagen and I SANG. Yes I did it. I sang in front of people. We sang Lead Kindly Light. I cant believe it either. I haven't seriously for real sang in front of anyone since like primary days. But Sister Nordhagen is an incredible singer and has been working with me the past couple weeks on getting comfortable with my own voice and learning how to sing. It was a goal I was working on as well. I still can't believe it, but it was a first step and we were actually REALLY good. I was surprised with myself, but it just shows the Lord can help us through ANY fear we have.  

Okay and THEN there was that incredible missionary broadcast last night!!! I hope you all watched that as it truly was a historical moment. If you missed it, please go online and watch it. It is worth ever second. We have Apostles and Prophets for a reason, to lead and guide us. What good does it to if we teach and say to follow them and then don't listen to them when they ask us to? The broadcast, though focused on missionaries, was for ALL members of the church. So go, do, and be uplifted and edified as I was. We need to ALL share this Gospel, not just us missionaries. The Lord gives us strength if we have faith. Pray for the faith and IF you ACT then you WILL receive that strength to act. 

So Last P-Day we had night P-day which was so fun! We didn't hike the Holly Wood sign as planned but did a different hike instead that was still great. I LOVED being outside and in the fresh air! (as fresh as LA air can be) So great start to the week that's for sure!  

But really so much has happened this week I don't even know where to start! It was challenging is a lot of ways as well. But its those challenges that make us stronger! I got sick this week which was awful! It started Friday morning with just a stomach ache and so I thought I was fine. Then by 3pm I thought I was going to die. Not literally but just because my stomach hurt so bad I could hardly move. I felt so nauseous it was terrible! I felt fine.. except for that pain and nauseousness. So against my wishes, Elder Shakespear sent me home. Sister Nordhagen took great care of me though. The next day I was determined to be "great" even if I felt terrible. So I did. Despite being sick, Saturday morning I put on a smile and we lead a group of primary that called in as 20, changed to 40-60 and ended up being 200 of them all together. It was so incredible! AND it was all in SPANISH! He aprendido espanol. :) Yeah it was cool. In high school Senora said I would never learn spanish, well she was wrong. Obviously she didn't know the power of the Spirit. Truly though it was all inspired and incredible, yes i of course used English as well but it was so cool! 

Today P-Day at Diddy Riese
That was the 2nd time this week that has happened! We were contacting earlier this week and met a man who only really spoke Spanish and understood little english and Sister Nordhagen is called Spanish speaking so she started talking to him and teaching him and as she did I felt more and more impressed by the Spirit to bear my testimony to him and as it became stronger I was able to understand more and more of their conversation and then I bore my testimony to him mostly in English with a little spanish but he could understand me perfectly and was just in shock, not because he understood me, but because of the power of my testimony. Needless to say he wanted the spanish missionaries sent to him and his family and thanked me so much for my words. 

I know that what I am helping people learn is true, I know that it is this church, this Gospel of Jesus Christ that is the Lords church restored to the Earth today. I have witnessed miracles and been apart of so many of them. 

I love you all!


Sister Petersen

Sister Jordyn Kealoha Lani Petersen 
California Los Angeles Mission
1591 E. Temple Way
Los Angeles, CA 90024-5801 

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