Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 16 - "BEST WEEK EVER!"

"BEST WEEK EVER!" that has just got to be my saying now. But the weeks just keep getting better and better!

This transfer is going to be incredible! My companion is amazing! She's this tiny little Filipino and man is her confidence and testimony huge! I am already learning so much from her! She is so focused and just so sweet. I emailed some pics of us from today. Sister Merciales and I are getting along great and teaching well together! I can already feel and see miracles happening all around me and our area. Especially because of splitting it. It will be so good to be able to focus on a more direct group of people. It's sad giving up investigators but a blessing to be able to go and find more! We set a baptismal date already with a new investigator. Oh and I'm the driver of the companionship now! ;) Say hello to the BEST parallel parker Los Angles has ever seen. haha maybe not the BEST but I'm pretty good. Apparently dad, you were right about me hitting the brakes and accelerating to hard though because Sis. Merciales said the same thing my first day driving. But I'm good though :) 

This month is incredible! I have a baptism in our area, a baptism in my previous area, and a baptism in the another ward for a man I taught all the lessons to in the teaching center and helped him keep all of his commitments. Having the "problem" of to many baptism to attend is the greatest accomplishment I've ever had. 

The baptism I have scheduled for another ward had actually met with missionaries before, but dropped them because he wasn't committed and didn't want to work with or be taught by "kids". He respects them but it was just difficult for him to converse with them. He's had a testimony since he was young and has read the Book of Mormon. I found his information and called him after I got here back in the beginning of May and have taught him every week since. I have had my prayers and fasts for him answered! He has grown incredibly! I have truly been able to apply the teaching of Preach My Gospel to him. To teach him at his own pace and the lessons he needed. We set his baptismal date for July 28 and I was able to get permission from the APs to contact the Elders over in another ward and tell them everything and give them his number and set up a meeting with him for after church. He went to church and felt "at home". He was able to meet the Stake President, the Bishop, and many others. He is so excited to be baptized and be a part of this Gospel in its entirety. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to teach him. We both know that he wouldn't have looked at the church again for many years if at ever. He is so grateful for missionary work and I am too. I know I am so blessed to be able to bring my Father's children back into the fold. 

I have such a strong testimony of prayer and this is just one example. I am so grateful to be able to serve my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ. I love helping our brothers and sisters learn and come unto Them.

Haha okay so somehow we were talking about abs with the APs while waiting for the other sisters about splitting westwood and my companion was adorable and soo funny. So this is how you say how many abs you have:
1=ab 2=abs 3=abss 4=absss 5=abssss 6 pack=absssss   0= a like (ah in apple) 
It was so funny! 
Yes they are splitting our area but it needed it! And I still have the East side witch has Beverly Hills. Pray that we will be able to baptize a family! 

I teach all day without fail,
Its just sad when there's no mail.
I have an awesome farmers tan,
sometimes in the heat we need a fan. 
The Book of Mormon is so true,
the sky here is very blue.

^^^^^^ My awesome poetry of the day... :)) 


Sister Petersen

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