Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 18 - BEST WEEK EVERRR!!!!!!


Why you may ask? 

I grew a lot this week. Spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. 

This week I had to learn a lot. I had incredible interviews with President and Sister Weidman. I saw the doctor for my shaky hands (shes following up with the neurologist). I had to prepare two separate talks for two different baptisms. I gave my first training in District meeting. I went on splits for the first time with a member. I got my first parking ticket (while on splits with the member). (It is okay because I received it for being over my time limit but I was over the time limit because we found a new investigator, a Jewish woman who promised to read the Book of Mormon, and pray about it, which NEVER happens, EVER! so It was so worth it!) I read a ton of the Book of Mormon. I witnessed two beautiful baptisms. I received inspiration. I saw miracles everyday this week!

Yesterday July 28, 2013 Kevin and Kendall  were both BAPTIZED! It is the most incredible thing to be able to witness and be a part of this type of change in someones life! 

Kevin is the man I taught in the Teaching Center at the VC. It was incredible to be able to actually go to his baptism and the fact that he even lived in my mission! Yesterday was the first time I actually met him face to face! Not only was I able to be there, I was also a part of the program and gave the talk on baptism. It was an incredible service and he bore his testimony at the end which was incredible and it truly was a very special moment for me. 

Kendall is the sweetest little 11 year old girl ever! I taught her in Culver City and she had me give her talk on baptism at her baptism yesterday as well! And no, I did NOT give the same talk for both! Kendall's baptism was very emotional for me. She is such a sweet daughter of our Heavenly Father and the spirit truly radiates from her! I have learned so much from her if anything, how to open my heart more. Her testimony was so pure and truly inspired. This younger generation is truly blessed. I am so blessed to be a part of it and be able to see them grow and learn these truths our Heavenly Father has given to us! 

I am so blessed to have grown up with this knowledge. I look back and see how in some ways I took it for granted when I was younger. However I know that I have and continued to be humbled and see the ways this gospel has and keeps blessing my life and my family. I know that the Priesthood power of God has been restored to the Earth. I know that my family WILL be together for eternity because of being sealed in the temple. I know that there is a true Prophet of God on the Earth today. I know that Jesus Christ lives and that He is at the head of this Gospel and leads us today just as he did two thousand years ago. It was testimonies of my siblings it what I know truly strengthened me before my mission and I pray for each one of them every day that their testimonies and desire for their testimonies to grow will continue to increase just as mine has since I've been on my mission. 

Some people don't understand what any of this means, but they can. I KNOW they can. I have seen people come to know. Just like I saw Kevin and Kendall come to know. 

It was through prayer that I was able to know these things for myself and I know that anyone else can as well if they are willing to ask God, our Father, and humble themselves enough to have faith that they will receive an answer.

Also, the Apostles are some pretty inspired men! 
I love reading their talks!  The talks on revelation in this Augusts Ensign is 
INCREDIBLEEEEE!!!!!!!! Ya'll definitely need to read them! 



Sister Jordyn Petersen

Sister Jordyn Kealoha Lani Petersen 
California Los Angeles Mission
1591 E. Temple Way
Los Angeles, CA 90024-5801

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How we park in westwood zone

Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 17 - Such a great week! We finally got our area completely divided!

Such a great week! We finally got our area completely divided! 

The area is hard because its all really higher class. Don't get me wrong there is plenty to be done and its really good! Its just harder to get in certain areas. There are so many less-active members in our area like 300... but that's why I'm here! to help invite and remind them of the love they once felt! :) I'm really excited about this transfer and know that it is going to be great!

So we have a really great and super fun zone! our theme this month is "Westwood's goin swimmin!". Where we have a drawn pool and get stick people for our investigators and add swim suits, floaties, goggles, fins, etc for each progressing step they make until they get in the pool (baptism). Every week our two districts in the zone have a certain task we focus on and we each get a water balloon for each point we get. My district dominates and so every week after district meeting we go outside and each district lines up across from each other and we have a water balloon fight! So much fun! And we get more balloons than them so I stay dry :) 

Every Wednesday night our ward has a Ward BBQ! It is perfect for inviting investigators and getting members involved in the work as well as a great way to introduce friends and family to the gospel! This week we had two investigators that came. It was funny because we were meeting one for a lesson before hand at the Visitors Center but she was stuck in traffic so we were waiting in a room with our member and then our other investigator and member walked in just stopping by but then we started having a discussion and lesson and then out other investigator walked in and joined is so it was super funny because none of them new each other and it was super random but it worked out really well and then gave them all fellow-shipping opportunities! Then we were all able to go and enjoy the BBQ all together! :) 

We did ALOT of tracting this week.... enough said. 

So I've been reading a lot in Alma and it has really been incredible how it is relating to the work right now. Can I just say that Alma the Younger and Amulek are straight bosses! Like i know that is a complete understatement but seriously! They knew their purpose and despite the sheer torture they went through, they stood firm in their faith. By doing so they were saved and the wicked were destroyed. They never gave up even though the people told them to leave and they eventually were able to save other cities. Ammon and the Sons of Mosiah are a whole other group of inspiration! They are so strong and firm in everything they did. I love that though the Lamanites just wanted to kill them they continued to see them as their brethren that needed to know love and truth. I see this today in the work we are doing. Some of the people here in LA and all over the world are crazy or good and just don't know and they are our "Lamanites" today. They may not always like us or except us but as we continue with a steadfastness in faith and see them as our brothers and sisters that need this just as much as we do, it makes it easier. 

Also, Elder Shakespear, the directer here at the Visitors Center is incredible! He knows just about everything. He says I ask the hardest questions, which I do, but he takes it and helps me learn so much! Yesterday he explained more to me about the priesthood. I am so blessed to have the priesthood in my life. To have my dad and brother as priesthood holders means more to me than words can describe. The power of God to heal, comfort, and bless. I've experience and seen miracles by this Priesthood authority and if people knew about this I know it would soften so many hearts! So priesthood holders, don't hide it, look for opportunities to bless and help those in need around you. 

We also got permission from president to use a courtyard at the stake center behind us to work out during the week. We run everyday in the parking lot or around the blocks close by on the hills but Wednesdays we do insanity and Fridays we do kickboxing in the courtyard! So good!  :)

Hey! I have unlimited email time now so I will actually be able to respond to emails now! I only have one hour while in the vc but before or after my VC time on pdays i can email now too :) 

This work is incredible and I love it! Everything I teach out here and live by is true! It changes lives, including mine! 

I Love you all!


Sister Jordyn Petersen

Sister Jordyn Kealoha Lani Petersen 
California Los Angeles Mission
1591 E. Temple Way
Los Angeles, CA 90024-5801 

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 16 - "BEST WEEK EVER!"

"BEST WEEK EVER!" that has just got to be my saying now. But the weeks just keep getting better and better!

This transfer is going to be incredible! My companion is amazing! She's this tiny little Filipino and man is her confidence and testimony huge! I am already learning so much from her! She is so focused and just so sweet. I emailed some pics of us from today. Sister Merciales and I are getting along great and teaching well together! I can already feel and see miracles happening all around me and our area. Especially because of splitting it. It will be so good to be able to focus on a more direct group of people. It's sad giving up investigators but a blessing to be able to go and find more! We set a baptismal date already with a new investigator. Oh and I'm the driver of the companionship now! ;) Say hello to the BEST parallel parker Los Angles has ever seen. haha maybe not the BEST but I'm pretty good. Apparently dad, you were right about me hitting the brakes and accelerating to hard though because Sis. Merciales said the same thing my first day driving. But I'm good though :) 

This month is incredible! I have a baptism in our area, a baptism in my previous area, and a baptism in the another ward for a man I taught all the lessons to in the teaching center and helped him keep all of his commitments. Having the "problem" of to many baptism to attend is the greatest accomplishment I've ever had. 

The baptism I have scheduled for another ward had actually met with missionaries before, but dropped them because he wasn't committed and didn't want to work with or be taught by "kids". He respects them but it was just difficult for him to converse with them. He's had a testimony since he was young and has read the Book of Mormon. I found his information and called him after I got here back in the beginning of May and have taught him every week since. I have had my prayers and fasts for him answered! He has grown incredibly! I have truly been able to apply the teaching of Preach My Gospel to him. To teach him at his own pace and the lessons he needed. We set his baptismal date for July 28 and I was able to get permission from the APs to contact the Elders over in another ward and tell them everything and give them his number and set up a meeting with him for after church. He went to church and felt "at home". He was able to meet the Stake President, the Bishop, and many others. He is so excited to be baptized and be a part of this Gospel in its entirety. I am so grateful for the opportunity I have had to teach him. We both know that he wouldn't have looked at the church again for many years if at ever. He is so grateful for missionary work and I am too. I know I am so blessed to be able to bring my Father's children back into the fold. 

I have such a strong testimony of prayer and this is just one example. I am so grateful to be able to serve my Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ. I love helping our brothers and sisters learn and come unto Them.

Haha okay so somehow we were talking about abs with the APs while waiting for the other sisters about splitting westwood and my companion was adorable and soo funny. So this is how you say how many abs you have:
1=ab 2=abs 3=abss 4=absss 5=abssss 6 pack=absssss   0= a like (ah in apple) 
It was so funny! 
Yes they are splitting our area but it needed it! And I still have the East side witch has Beverly Hills. Pray that we will be able to baptize a family! 

I teach all day without fail,
Its just sad when there's no mail.
I have an awesome farmers tan,
sometimes in the heat we need a fan. 
The Book of Mormon is so true,
the sky here is very blue.

^^^^^^ My awesome poetry of the day... :)) 


Sister Petersen

Write me! :) 

Sister Jordyn Kealoha Lani Petersen 
California Los Angeles Mission
1591 E. Temple Way
Los Angeles, CA 90024-5801

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hi Petersen Family! (Week 15)

This is a sweet letter we received from Jordyn's training companion. 

Hi Petersen Family!

This is Sister Petersen's companion. I've been meaning to write a quick one and just let you know how your daughter/ big sis is doing. SHE IS INCREDIBLE.  Really. She has taught me a lot these past two transfers. She has a big heart and a powerful testimony. I wish you could just see her for a day going at the work. She has a way of really connecting with the people around her and helping them see that they can change.  I wish you could hear her in the teaching center/ call center in the Visitors' Center. One of the sisters said it perfectly when she said, "When Sister Petersen talks on the phone it just sounds like she's talking to all her best friends." You have to understand, the teaching center is a difficult part of the mission. It's hard to do cold calls, but Sister Petersen just makes it look easy! :) I've been amazed at the way that she has been so strong through the tough times and remains relentlessly positive when things get hard. She loves ya'all (she taught me that one ;) A TON and is praying for you and cheering you on. 

You've got an incredible daughter out here in LA spreading the light and love of the Savior. Thanks for sharing her with us for a little while. :)

Sister Nordhagen


I don't know how to start off...but

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!!!

SOOOO much has happened this week I think I'm going crazy, mission crazy, i think its normal.
To spare my email of unnecessary length I'll sum it up for y'all.

-TRANSFERS...... can I just say i despise transfers after getting our transfer call last night. I am being transferred out of Culver City. No one saw that coming, I am so sad, not only because I'm leaving Sis. Nordhagen, but because I truly love our investigators. The area has grown SO much since I have been here! So much that they split our area and are adding two new sisters to the ward. Which it needs. I'm being transferred to West Wood and my new companion will be Sister Merciales from the Philippines. I love her and I hear West Wood is great but its still disappointing to be leaving. But hey, this just means they need my awesomeness over there to get it going like Culver City! ;)  Plus Beverly Hills is in my area so I'm way stoked about that!

- Sister Nordhagen and I sawed, yes with hand saws, three trees for an investigator on Wednesday! And the were pretty thick too! We were quite proud of ourselves! :)

- 4th of July we were in the Visitors Center all day except for dinner, we went to Amanda's for dinner! Had vegan mango and vanilla ice cream for desert sooooo goood! Back at the VC after and got to see some great fireworks from our apartment after! :) Amanda is absolutely incredible and I have been so blessed to have been able to teach her! She is a very incredible and special person! I love her and her example and testimony. I'm going to  miss her!

-Amanda got confirmed on Sunday at church! The spirit was so strong from the confirmation of Amanda and everyone could feel it! And the fast and testimony meeting was the most incredible one I think I've ever been to at church.

-Sunday night was the departing fireside for the departing missionaries (obviously) and we were able to go with an investigator. It was so great and happy and sad at the same time. There are a few incredible missionaries leaving this transfer and we will miss them but are so proud of them!

-oh weird thing. My hands have been shaking for the past two weeks. so random. i know. So I had to call Sister Weidman and shes looking into it so I'll let you know whats up lol 

-Sister Nordhagen is the best companion EVER! She was an incredible trainer and I have learned so much from her! It has been incredible to teach with her and how well we work together! She's my mission "mom" so its fun and shes not training anyone else this transfer so I get to stay an "only child" a little bit longer ;p But really she's my best friend out here and I love her to death! I'm going to miss not being with her 24/7! 

Well since I'm going to a new zone ya'll should send me some snail mail. Gotta look loved ;p

There have been some tough trials this transfer but so many blessings. I know that I have been able to grow in so many new ways and my testimony is continually just exploding with knowing this is true. What I am doing is the BEST thing in the world for me to be doing right now. I know that the people here need me. I have seen that so much in my last area and I know that it will be the same for this one too. Keep me in your prayers. I love this gospel so much. I know my Savior lives and is proud of what I am doing. 


Sister Petersen

Sister Jordyn Kealoha Lani Petersen 
California Los Angeles Mission
1591 E. Temple Way
Los Angeles, CA 90024-5801

Monday, July 1, 2013

Week 14 - Quite the Eventful Week!

Hey Everyone! 

This was quite the eventful week!

So Thursday was President and Sister Baker's last day here in LA in the C.L.A.M.. :( It was so sad to see them go. But then Friday morning our Zone got together and met President and Sister Weidman! They are INCREDIBLE! I love them already! I know that they are called and supposed to be here serving right now. I am so blessed to be under their stewardship. I am excited to get to know them more as time goes on. I actually saw Sister Weidman today and she is just adorable! She came up and gave me a hug and was just like "oh you are so pretty" She is the sweetest and cutest little thing! 

As long as I don't get transferred I will have at least one more baptism in July! Sweet girl who is 11 now has consent from her father to be baptized so we are now giving her the lessons and her mom is a member and is so excited for her as well. We had another lesson with her this morning and she is so smart and just understands it and has the sweetest yet strongest testimony of the truth of this Gospel. 

Transfers are next week and I am hoping that Sister Nordhagen and I don't split up yet. We are getting SO much done in Culver City and the work is progressing rapidly! We have always taught good together but now its even better. We've really been focusing on our unity and there have been so many blessings that have come from it! 

We took a Spanish tour on Friday and a a couple really cool things happened. The first being that we taught so in sync and we have been working on our translations so that it all just flows together that the spirit was just so strong and the families desire to be sealed in the temple was greatly increased! The second thing being that one of the family's elders, Elder Patterson, looked super familiar, and at the end he was like okay sister we know each other from somewhere and I was like I know! It turns out we were in the same EFY group like 5 years ago! He mostly remembers me because that's the year I hula danced at EFY and was always practicing. It was way fun to see a familiar face. And it was even cooler because they are in the Arcadia mission and just here for the Visitors Center tour. 

Did I ever tell y'all about the story of the fish? I dont think so. So a few weeks ago a member asked if we could feed their fish while they were out of town and we were already going to be watering their plants so we were like sure. Well then it was a couple days before they were leaving and they asked when were were going to pick up Obama. Yes the fish's name is Obama. Well we can't have pets so we were all stressed about what to do so EVERY prayer for the next couple days involved this fish. (the most blessed fish EVER) Well they ended up getting a self feeder for it so we didn't have to worry about it. But yes that's the time we stressed over Obama, the fish. 

This Gospel is true! Miracles happen and our Heavenly Father loves all of us!

Love you all!


Sister Petersen

Sister Jordyn Kealoha Lani Petersen 
California Los Angeles Mission
1591 E. Temple Way
Los Angeles, CA 90024-5801