Monday, June 17, 2013

Week 12 - This Week was "Totes"



So this week was "totes" (just for you Keila) awesome! Probably because it didn't start off to great and THEN got awesome. So last P-day we got in a car accident. Just a little paint on paint side action so no big deal but non the less it was no fun. And no I was not driving. But its all good!
Then I don't know it just wasn't working for me this week. BUT it turned around real quick! :)

Especially this weekend! This weekend was great! Saturday we went out to eat with one of our investigators that has been way standoffish with the missionaries for a while but comes to church every week and loves it so we've been establishing a friendship and its paid off cause even though she hasn't met with us she is progressing so much and then taking us out for lunch was a HUGE step for her. And she took us to this buffet place and lets just say it was no "home town buffet" it was way nice and sooo good! Tutu, you would have LOVED it! I am definitely taking you there post-mission! Then we had an awesome lesson and had great tours that night!

Then yesterday we had great lessons and an awesome church service. All the talks were on Fathers (for obvious reasons) and it made me really happy because Dad, you are awesome and it made me think of you. I kept remembering special moments with my dad growing up that helped me so much! Whether it be our movie "daddy daughter dates" or random talks in the car, and how I used to cry if you left the house in the morning without waking me up to give me a hug and kiss bye, they are the special memories of my childhood that mean so much to me. So thank you daddy. I love you!

Then Patrick and David twins that I worked at the PCC with at BYU Hawaii came in to the Visitor's Center yesterday afternoon with some friends while they were in town. So that was just a really cool thing. They didn't even know I was on a mission so it was funny and great to take them all on a little tour. 

Last night was great we had some cool tours and then Cindy came in! Cindy is a woman we met just over a week ago in the VC and she is a member but she is SO COOL! She's the screenwriter and I was praying she would come in and let us know how her scripts were coming and she came in and miracles have happened! Like no way that could happen in HollyWood without the spirit miracles! So AWESOME! 

OH! AND  Pres Uchdorff was here this weekend. I was in my area instead of at the VC though so I missed him :( But I taught a bomb lesson so it was worth it! :)

I am having fun. Spreading the gospel is the best! Try it sometime! ;) 
This Gospel of Jesus Christ is True and brings me more joy and peace than anything in the world. It's incredible. 

Love ya'll!

Sister Petersen 

Sister Jordyn Kealoha Lani Petersen 
California Los Angeles Mission
1591 E. Temple Way
Los Angeles, CA 90024-5801

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