Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 31 - This week was really great! Miracles happened and prayers were answered in so many different ways!

This week was really great! Miracles happened and prayers were answered in so many different ways!
It was rough for part of it because Sister Tanton and I both got a little sick in between things but we managed to still have 16 lessons and 6 recent convert/ less active lessons, which was a blessing. 

One prayer that was answered is a member's son just moved home and is inbetween jobs and school so he was able to come to some lessons with us since our memebr present lessons are where we have been struggling the most just because schedules are hard to line up and everyone is so busy. However, they are so willing to help in every way and have been extremely good about helping us with referrals.

We also see how getting sick was sort of a blessing in a way, one night durring dinner at the apartment Sister Tanton wasn't feeling well so I called every potential and former in our area book. Some dated back to 2007. It was great because there were quite a few that were excited to hear from missionaries again and we were able to set up about 5 set lessons for this week and a few that would like to meet with us again as well!

Another specific prayer that was answered this week happened right after dinner on Friday night. We came out of our member's house that we had just eaten with and we felt like we were supposed to go visit someone different then we had planned for. So we prayed and felt as though we needed to go visit a less active woman in a part memebr family that we have had trouble contacting for a few weeks. So we went over and caught her just as she was walking outside to leave. She was surprised to see us but then once we told her we wanted to help her she was just over joyed! She kept saying that it was a miracle that we came when we did because she is just overwhelmed and needed someone. We were able to share a powerful testimony with her and we are going back over tomorrow. :) It was great to be where the Lord needed us. 

We have been able to see that even more clearly recently how we are where we need to be. It just testifies that we are doing what we need to, when we need to, and being led by the spirit in all things.

Coolest thing ever happened yesterday too!!! A couple days ago we called a referral we found in the apartment that was never contacted, and asked if he would come to church and have a lesson with us. He agreed and came to church yesterday and had a powerful lesson with us. He knows and wants to pray to know if it is all true because he felt he really needed to be there. The topping to that miracle is his name, his name is Joseph Smith. Yes Joseph Smith came to church yesterday and is meeting with us again this week!!!!!

Sister Tanton and I are getting along incredibly and it helps the work so much! Unity is key in all things, as a comapanionship and especially as a companionship with the spirit! This work is incredible!!!
PS. really late emailing and had like 10 minutes to do it! ahhhh!!!! lol we were at the park for our zone activity (halloween party) and i was a gangsta (thuggin! ;p) for it. We were about to start to clean up to come email when i felt like we should go give pass along cards to these guys playing basket ball. They were all like legit men ballin it up hard core! SO at first it was kind of a joke but then I grabbed Sister Jameson and elder satre and elder phelps and we went over and asked if we could play.... They were like way confused at first but then like sure. So we did and we went hard! It was so legit! Sister Jameson and I were the captains and we ended up losing to them 15-14 so it was awesome! Ballin! ;) We gave them all cards and they were way excepting of it! Miracles!
Sister Jordyn Petersen

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