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Weeks 3 and 4- I MADE IT TO LA!!!!! & I LOVE IT! (Updated 6/4/13 Photo)

April 22, 2013 7:20:05 PM CDT



Sorry familia, I have decided I am never leaving. So in 17 months you can just come see me. sound good? GREAT! ;)

(so I only have 1 hour to type because this mission hasn't changed yet. So I'm sorry if I don't email you all back personally this time) 

So Wednesday will be week four for me being on a mission. I cannot believe that it has been that long!

Mom, Dad, Kimo, it was SO good talking to you on Wednesday at the airport! Its has all been non-stop since I arrived! 

So now for the stuff you are all so anxious to know! I have the best training companion ever!

Her name is Sister Nordhagen and is INCREDIBLE! Since I am Visitor's Center I am in the visitors center from either 9am-3pm. or 3pm-9pm. The other time I am in my area proselyting and teaching.

I'm in the Culver City area and it is wonderful! Brother F was baptized last Sunday and was Confirmed yesterday. It was Amazing. We have quite a few investigators and they are all incredible! I've only been able to meet with a few of them so far but most of them came to church on Sunday and have appointments set up with us this week!

This entire mission and area are completely amazing and unbelievable. I have already witnessed so many miracles since I have been here. I'm connecting to the people so well, pray that they will continue to be so receptive to the Gospel!

I can not believe that I have only been here for five days, it already feels like forever but then again I feel like it has flown by! its one of the strangest feelings ever. 

So I was confused on why I had to wait until Wednesday April 17th to come to Los Angeles. Everyone else in my district and zone left Monday and Tuesday. Well now I know why, on Tuesday night after everyone in my zone had left except for my companion and I we had Tuesday night Devotional. Elder Richard G. Scott (yes the apostle) was our speaker. Now I cannot even begin to describe how incredible this man and his testimony is, I now know his talk was one of the many reasons why I was sent Wednesday instead of earlier. One thing that he said was "To reach a goal never before obtained, you must do things never before done". This is so true! I encourage everyone to set a goal and do incredible things never before done.  

Want to know why else I was sent that day? Because that way I missed all the potential P-days (Preparation Days) for last week. and the Lord knows me, and knows I could handle not having a p-day for a week, but he also knew that I would be receiving some disheartening news from my mission president last night, and well it was very quite upsetting.

And anyone that knows me well knows that when I get really sad the best way to get me happy is for me to go to the beach.

Well I'm on a mission and obviously cant go to the beach.

However, today was BEACH P-DAY! The ONE day a year when missionaries in our mission are allowed to go to the beach!

Now obviously we're not allowed to go in the water, but from 11am-2pm today I was at the beach, in the sun, and the sand, and I was happy. :)

 Now that is just one of the many ways the Lord has provided for me personally.

THERE ARE NO SUCH THINGS AT COINCIDENCES! They are blessings from God whether it be remembering something or just having a good day. Stop and look at the little things in life that make you happy. Heavenly Father knows us all individually. I know this. 

Alright ya'll hopefully I'll have enough time to send some pictures! But i love the work I am doing and know that this is where I am supposed to be no matter what challenges I am faced with while I am here or not here. The Lord is with us all. Get close to Him and He willl come unto you as well. 



Sister Jordyn Petersen

California Los Angeles Mission
1591 E. Temple Way
Los Angeles, California 90024-5801
United States

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