Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 2 -Visitor Center Training

April 12, 2013 6:38:02 PM CDT

Hey ya'll!

 Week number 2 has come and gone and now I only have 5 days left until I am in Los Angeles! It is amazing how fast these past couple weeks have flown by! I have continued to learn so much on a daily basis!

 This week was full of highs and not as highs, but not lows, its too awesome here to have any lows. So the not so highs being ALL of the Elders in our district and zone reported to their areas on Monday and Tuesday so now we are lonely sisters missing our brothers. It is amazing how much of a family you become while you are here! But its good know they are all where they need to be to serve the Lord! So onto the highs... EVERYTHING!

 We started visitors center training on Wednesday and it is going better than I could have ever hoped for! I can not wait to get to Los Angeles and share the gospel with everyone out there! We learned that only 2 out every 100 or more sisters get sent to visitors centers. And that the apostles only choose you for the Visitors Centers because they can see your testimony of the atonement in your eyes when they look at your picture. How cool is that!?! For the visitors center I will be able to reach so many more people than a regular mission! Not only do we work in the visitors center for half the day but then I prosolite the second part of the day. Along with being in the visitors center some days I will also be doing online and on the phone proselytizing through chat and email via all the church websites though mainly! It is amazing how the spirit has no boundries and that even though I could be teaching someone in Austria the spirit connects us and they can feel it as strongly as if i was there face to face. Then i can send their local missionaries to them afterwards. Its a very neat experience! We have been practicing and training using all of our online resourses as well as practicing sharing the knowledge of our Heavenly Father with those who will be coming into the Visitors Center!

This afternoon for preparation day we went and did a session at the Provo Temple. I encourage anyone who is able, to go to the temple as often as possible! And for any who cannot go to the temple, make it a goal and reach it! I can not encourage this enough! Make time to do it! We get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget what is truly improtant, our relationship with our Heavenly Father. I am so happy for the relationship I have with my Heavenly Father and I hope everyone that reads this will humble themselves, get on their knees and pray, with faith, to strengthen your own personal relationship with your Father inHeaven as well. Because I know without a doubt that He loves us all no matter what and wants that relationship with us.

Tomorrow we go to Salt Lake to Temple Square for more training! I am so EXCITED! Well everyone I will keep you updated weekly on everything that happens! I will be reporting to Los Angeles on Wednesday (the 17th of April) so my next email will be from there!


My new address will be:

Sister Jordyn Kealoha Lani Petersen
California Los Angeles Mission
1591 E. Temple Way
Los Angeles, CA 90024-5801
United States  

Love you ALL and thank you for all of the prayers and support!


Sister Petersen 

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