Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Week 21 - It has been such a great week and drum roll........

Sister Petersen and her wonderful artwork
It has been such a great week and drum roll........ Sister Merciales and I are staying together in West Wood! YAY!!! 

At first it was looking down because non of our investigators are progressing and we only have about 3 investigators anyways. But with lots of prayer and fasting we received 2 incredible new investigators that we have appointments with this week and we also were able to meet with a former who is more interested and we were able to receive and contact some referrals. Plus a member called us yesterday and she wants us to come over this week because she has a couple referrals for us as well! 

 One of our new investigators, Miss Jackie, was so excited when we knocked on her door! (MIRACLE) She had the lessons back when she was a teenager in Argentina and that is how she learned her English. We were able to have a little lesson with her and her daughter, who is visiting for the week from college, and they are very interested in continuing to learn more!

Sister Salina Cortez we have been trying to get a hold of ALL transfer we were able to contact! We went to her house but she wasn't there. However, while walking to the next house she walked in to us while walking her dog and invited us inside! She hasn't been attending our ward because she doesn't have many friends there but she does attend one of the other wards with another MSA once in a while which is better than not at all. We told her of how so many people are moving into our ward and are encouraging her to come back! We were able to share an uplifting message with her about prayer and she was just so grateful that we were able to get in contact. She wants to start meeting with us more (about once a week) to help strengthen her testimony and for our support in coming back to church. She was so happy she referred her neighbor, our other new investigator, who for identity purposes I will leave unnamed in my general email but if you want to know email me and I will tell you personally.. We stopped by her home the next day and and she was so nice! They were getting ready to leave but we were able to give her a Finding Faith in Christ DVD. We have a return appointment for this Friday! 

We also had zone temple service on Thursday. It was my first time being able to do Temple Service and it was INCREDIBLE! Sister Merciales and I were able to work inside the temple for the first part and it was really special. We dusted and cleaned all the floral arrangements in the Celestial Room. Working and feeling the spirit so strongly, it was like being on the receiving end of being in a lesson.  Very special. Then we went outside and laid sod. We stayed with part of our zone a little longer to help the workers finish it. Afterwards the head of the temple staff who was helping thanked all of us and said that our zone worked so well together and in unity to accomplish a job faster than he had seen it done before so that was a special boost to us as well. We're doing the Lord's work. We are doing our best to do it with perfection, haste, and precision. As individuals, as companionships, as districts, zones, and as a mission! :)

Last night was just really fun! We went and helped do service at Sister Manoogin's and afterwards guess what! She had Chinese floating lanterns! YES! LIKE the ones in TANGLED <--- LOVE THIS MOVIE! We went on her roof with her and let one off! It was so cool! Seriously like a dream come true. I don't care how silly it sounds it was so awesome!!!! 

This week I also:
-ate at a Los Angeles taco truck for the first time (and didnt get sick)
-Received more referrals from the visitors center than I ever had before
-went to El Chollos with our zone (last lunch together before transfers
-Lots of pictures that will be sent later! 



(I now rap: fun fact of the week!)



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