Monday, September 2, 2013

Week 23 - This month will be my 6 month mark!

This month will be my 6 month mark! does that seem way weird to anyone else that I am almost 1/3 done with my mission? Just ponder that a little bit...

So this week we had quite the miracles! 

We were tracting on Tuesday and we were about to leave to go to the next area when we both felt we needed to knock one more door. The apartment complex next to our car had its door open so we went in and knocked the first door. A man answered and said "Sisters! we're so happy you came! We've been wanting to meet with you! So sorry that we have been so busy!" Sister Merciales and I was so confused! It turns out that this man Johnathan and his wife Fiona had been meeting with the missionaries in Redondo Beach. They are a young couple have been married for just over a year and just recently moved up here. They invited us in and we were able to have an incredible lesson with them. They are both Christian and believe what they know to be true yet they are so open more and wanting to know more truth! We set up a return appointment and met with them again on Saturday. They had not only done the reading commitments we had left them with, but they had taken notes together and been praying together as we had asked as well! We were able to answer the questions that they had and stay on the topic of the Restoration that we had prepared for. They had a question about a verse in the bible that we had actually planned and prepared for that morning to use! It was such a blessing! The spirit led the entire lesson. It was such a beautiful and powerful experience for all of us. They are excited to meet with us again and thanked us for the spirit that we brought into their home. They are going out of town for work for a week and a half but we have another time set up to meet with them again once they return. 

The next day we were contacting a less active and we were able to make contact with him. we are the first contact he has had with the church since he was a teenager and now hes in his late 40s. He isn't interested in coming back or anything at this point but he did allow us to sing a song for him and share a message. He thanked us and said he really needed it. He said he doesn't want frequent visits or anything but did except to call or text him to invite him to the different events at the visitors center! :) THEN, we decided to knock some of his neighbors doors but it was the middle of the day and no one was home. Sis. Merciales started to walk back to the car and I said wait look there's one house down the street with a truck in the driveway, maybe someone is home. So we walked down and knocked and David answered. David is a less active of about 20 years and he loves the church just doesn't want to live it right now. He said maybe with time though he may come back. He is super sweet and said we are welcome anytime. We had no idea he lived there but we were able to update his records then too so it was great! Such a blessing! 

We were also able to have another lesson with ChenChen starting the Plan of Salvation. She really like everything we have taught so far. She has not accepted a baptismal date yet but we are hoping to set one this week! :) 

The Visitors Center is so special. On Saturday in the Teaching center I was able to have four non member lessons, get two new investigators, transition one of them, and committed Prentice to going to church which for the past 3 months he was opposed. I've been teaching Prentice in the TC since back in May, he's from Birmingham AL! I finally got him to re-meet with the missionaries so he is now doing that plus me teaching him and hopefully he went to church yesterday! I'm calling him tomorrow to find out! This week was full of the spirit and smiles which goes perfectly together! 

(not my best but out of time...)

Love you all!


Sister Jordyn Petersen

Sister Jordyn Kealoha Lani Petersen
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